Why shree TMT
Made Only From Billets

TMT bars rolled from billets are far more superior to the bars made from ingots. That’s why Devashree Ispat has a strict policy of using only billets to produce steel bars.

550D Approved

Devashree Ispat is one of the very few companies in India with a BIS license to manufacture TMT bars up to the Fe 550D grade.

Unique 3X Design

Rib on Rib feature, a product innovation which enhances the Steel and Cement bonding.

SAIL Approved

Devashree Ispat was selected by the Steel Authority of India Limited as a conversion agent to manufacture SAIL TMT bars in 2010 for a 3-year period. This in itself stands as a testament to our premium standards of manufacturing and quality checking.

Fully Automated Rolling Mill

The PLC system in our rolling mill is from ABB, a renowned Swiss-based company. Due to full-fledged automation, we can ensure consistency in quality with the help of precise computer programs.

German Quenching Technology

Devashree Ispat uses Evcon Turbo technology for quenching steel bars. This results in superior strength, ductility and flexibility.

CNC Machine For Notch Cutting

Our rolling mill is equipped with a modern CNC machine for rib cutting. Designed by Sparkonix, this machine eliminates the risk of manual errors and guarantees better bonding strength with concrete. This stands in contrast to ordinary TMT manufacturers, who manually cut and notch the rolls, leaving scope for non-uniform rib patterns.

Zero Rejection Rate

Our full-fledged laboratories at the furnace and the rolling mill follow stringent quality norms and use modern testing equipment. Due to this fact, our products have never been rejected even once by any of our clients in the last 5 years.

In-house Billets For Higher Quality

The quality of each TMT bar depends greatly upon the quality of the billets used in the initial stage. Thanks to our induction furnaces, we use only billets that are manufactured in-house. This gives us greater control over the quality right from the raw material stage. It also reduces our dependence on third-party billet manufacturers, who have a tendency to supply substandard billets.

Manufacturers Of The Rare 36mm dia TMT Bar

Devashree Ispat is the only company in Telangana that can make 36mm dia TMT bars under IS 1786:2008 norms. This size is used in the foundations of some of the most complex infrastructure projects.

Fire Resistance

During the manufacturing process, we maintain a precise chemical composition by adding carefully selected alloying elements. This ensures that our TMT bars withstand higher temperatures than ordinary steel bars.

Greater Weldability

Our steel bars can be easily welded into desired shapes without producing any defects. This is partly due to smoother surface conditions and lower thermal conductivity.

Earthquake Resistance

This property relates to the ability of a structure to develop and maintain its bearing resistance in the inelastic range. Due to higher ductility, we can safely say that our TMT bars are earthquake-resistant to a large degree.

Corrosion Resistance

Due to our advanced surface treatment technology, our TMT bars are highly resistant to age-induced corrosion.

Efficient Transport Pool

We understand the needs of our clients in the best manner possible. We know that delays in steel supplies to their construction sites result in increased losses. That’s why we have a large pool of reliable transporters who we work with closely to ensure that the material reaches your site on time.

All Diameters In Stock

We see to it that we have enough stock of all possible sizes (from 8mm to 36mm) to fulfil your orders in the shortest time possible.

More Value For Your Money

The high quality of our steel bars ensures that you need only a minimal number to support your structures. This results in lower costs for our customers.

Top-Notch Chemical Composition

We maintain the best chemical compositions for our billets right from the raw material stage to ensure better TMT quality. We also ensure that the sulphur and phosphorus content in the billets are as per BIS norms.

Fresh Steel Stocks

We have a long list of clients who constantly come back to procure more steel for their new construction sites. All the TMT bars we manufacture are quickly transported to our clients’ construction sites quickly and efficiently. This way, we only have fresh stock with us at all times.

BIS Approved

All our processes have been approved by the BIS. In fact, we exceed the standard Government-prescribed benchmarks in many areas of operation.