Voice of ShreeTMT Associate...

Mr. Anil Reddy, Nagarjuna Steel Pvt. Ltd.

“When I first started in 2005 we used to lift 100 tonnes but today we are lifting 2000 tonnes of Shree TMT Steel, there’s huge demand in the market from the engineers & builders” - watch video for full testimonial .

Bhagyalaxmi Steel Traders

“There was tremendous response and demand after introducing 550 grade steel. It has become the favourite and best selling product because of its reasonable price” - watch video for full testimonial.

Mr. Muralidhar Rao, Venkateswara Steel

“Since 2005, the company supported me all throughout my journey by providing great service, good price and hassle-free transportation” - watch video for full testimonial.

Mr. Raju, Sri Sai Giri Steels

“We and our customers are extremely happy with the kind of service we have received from Shree TMT” - watch video for full testimonial.

Mr. Ramesh Babu, Venkateshwara Steels & Cement Dealers

“From the past 15 years Shree TMT is the top-selling product at our company. Builders and engineers have been constantly appreciating the quality of the product” - watch video for full testimonial.

Mr. Ravinder Reddy, Sreenivasa Steel

“Shree TMT provides 24 hours service and the product is available round the clock. The feedback from our customers is very inspiring” - watch video for full testimonial.

Mr. Mahender, Director, Hirawat Steel Pvt. Ltd

It gives us immense happiness and satisfaction to hear those inspiring words from our associates. Here’s a testimonial video of Mr. Mahender, Director, Hirawat Steel Pvt. Ltd., sharing his valuable feedback regarding the impeccable quality of Shree TMT. We thank you for supporting and being with us all this while.

Mr. Naval Kishore Baheti

Mr. Naval Kishore Baheti, Partner, Hyderabad Steel Agency, sharing his valuable feedback. It’s very satisfying to know that the customers are very happy with the quality and keep insisting for Shree TMT Steel. We will definitely uphold your trust and continue to deliver beyond your expectations. Thank you!!

Mr. Shoib Mirza, Mirza Steel

Mr. Shoib Mirza, Mirza Steel, who is also a Civil Engineer, sharing his opinion on how the introduction of 3X Ribbed Bars have changed the brand perception in the market. We are happy to know that customers are delighted with the strength and quality of the product.

Mr. Shyam Baheti, Baheti Steel Traders

Mr. Shyam Baheti, Baheti Steel Traders, expressing his views on the support offered by our team. It’s overwhelming to get such feedback. Thank you for being associated with Shree TMT.